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We offer individual or small group (max 3) training with personalized programming to help you build mobility, strength, endurance, so you can interact with your world in a better way. We primarily use kettlebells, barbells, and resistance bands, but can use other servicable equipment you have which has been collecting dust in the closet for years.


We'll train you on a one-on-one basis with programming specific to your needs and goals. After a free initial location assessment and activity readiness test, we will design a program which will correct imbalances, increase mobility, build strength, and improve endurance in a safe and systematic method. This can all be done prior to the purchase of any plan.

While we would like you to make us your primary strength provider, we can program in such a way to ensure you're able to perform at your best in your sport or job without excessive soreness or fatigue.

We offer both online training as well as in-person at your location. 

Private training rates are $50 for a 60 min session, with volume discounts at 10 and 20 sessions booked.

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Group training is intended for individuals who want to train with either one or two more additional family members or friends. As with Individual training, a free location and participant assessment will be done prior to purchase of any plan. The advantages to training in this manner are:

  • Camaraderie - Give and receive additional encouragement as you witness you undergo a common experience

  • Accountability - Who wants to be the one to skip out on training with their friends on "Saturday Strength and Brunch at Sam's House" and hear about it at the party on Sunday?

  • Cost - These 60 min sessions are $40 per participant, while still receiving the individual attention needed to lift safely and make gains. Discounts available at 10 and 20 sessions

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